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Social Bird Home is the largest Exotic Bird store with the largest collection of Pet Birds for Sale near me available here. Our aim is to provide excellent service. Our main purpose is to fit the bird and the human. Having a bird is a long term commitment that needs love and care. Our selection, knowledge, customer service and reputation are the reason for our growth. We give importance on providing our customer blooming birds, along with everything they need for their peaceful and pleasant lifestyle. 

We have a simple mission to provide our Exotic Pet Birds Near Me with a loving and friendly home. We are happy to provide assistance, guidance, or advice to help you take the best possible care. Parrots have become amazing avian partners across the globe, living in the hearts and homes of individuals everywhere in the world. And we help you get one. Parrots as a pet bring a new zestful into the lives of their owners and living with parrots is a journey of finding these featured friends and yourself.   


Scarlet Macaw Parrot for Sale

The Scarlet Macaw is a sassy bird filled with zeal and attractiveness. They are large red, yellow, blue central and south American parrots, The size of the scarlet is between 32 to 39 inches in length. Macaw Parrot for Sale are mostly red with the stripe of yellow in the center of the wings, followed by the blue stripe leading to the flight feathers. The scarlet has a naked face with colored beak, a black lower jawbone, and horn colored upper jawbone; with a little bit of black where the two parts of the beak meet.The Scarlet Macaw Birds for Sale near me is an energetic bird that likes to play and chew.

Macaw Parrot for Sale

African Grey Parrot for Sale

The African Grey Parrot is a medium sized mostly grey, black billed parrot. The African grey parrot has the ability to talk and mimic sounds. They are not just a top talker they are also known for their ultimate intelligence which gives them the nickname “the einsteins of the bird world”. This beauty and brainy nonsense outlook are what keep this parrot at the peak of vogue.African Grey seems especially affected by pressure and disturbance in their surrounding. They are dedicated, pleasing, and bright. There are two subspecies of African Grey Parrot for Sale near me they are Congo African Grey also known as red tailed grey or CAG and the Timneh African Grey or TAG. These birds come in a diversity of different sizes and shades of gray.  

African Grey Parrot for Sale

Blue and Gold Parrot For Sale

The blue and gold Macaw with a beautiful blue body and dark lemon yellow chest. This macaw has a green strip of feathers just above their black beak, and a partially naked face that will blush pink when they get excited. Blue and Gold Pet Birds for Sale have dark gray or black feet and have a black beard of feathers just below its beak. They are 35 inches long and have a wingspan of 45 inches. If they remain healthy they can live upwards of 70 years. These birds have 76 to 86 cm length with the 0.900 to 1.5 kg weight. They are apt talkers and able to repeat simple words and phrases. They are capable of making loud and ear piercing sounds. 

Pet Birds for Sale

Cockatoo Parrot for Sale

They are also known as velcro birds because of their friendly, indefinite obsessive need to be around the individual in their lives. Cockatoo Parrot for Sale near me stand out of the bird species with their tuft feathers, dusty feathers, and with various shades of white, pink, gray, and black. There are 21 species of cockatoos. They are fun-loving, intelligent, and energetic parrots, and their food should reflect those traits. They are described as intelligent and emotional birds. They are capable of temper and tantrums as well as complete silliness. They can even learn to speak a few words and phrases. They have a life span of 30 and more years. 

Cockatoo Parrot for Sale

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