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Q: Do you have Parrots available?

Yes, it depends on the age range you want. you can place your order on our website if you found the perfect parrot for you if not you can contact us to inquire on the availability of your desired species or age.

Q: Do you ship?

Yes, we ship throughout United states and out of United States.

Q: Can i visit your farm?

Yes ofcourse . We arrange visits only for clients who have reserved their parrots. We change our visiting policy because our home was fast becoming a pet shop. Our privacy matters a lot to us. Thanks for your understanding.

Q: Do the parrots talk?

Yes, some of our parrots pronounce a good number of words.

Q: Do they have any health issue?

No, we don’t sell parrots with health issues. If you received a parrot that is not healthy contact us for a replacement or a refund. For refunds, you will pay for the return shipping cost.

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